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Robert Rector Volunteer of the Year Awardees

The DCOA Executive Committee shall annually select one outstanding volunteer to be presented the "Robert Rector Volunteer of the Year Award" at the Annual Meeting of the DCOA. No current elected officer of the Executive Committee is eligible to receive the award, but a nominee may have previously served in such capacities.

Any member of the DCOA Executive Committee may nominate an individual to be considered for this award by providing the Board Members a copy of the nomination that includes the following information:

  • A certification that the Nominee is a current volunteer residing in North Carolina and has been so for a minimum of two years.

  • A description of the Nominee's volunteer activities in County, District, State, and National Republican Organizations including any offices and chairmanships held in the Party and any of its auxiliaries, or as an appointee of the Party or one of its Public Officials. This statement should describe how the Nominee's activities have contributed to the growth of the Republican Party and furthered basic Republican principles and goals.

  • The nominee must have served as a County Chairman, but does not have to be currently serving that position.

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