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Training Topics

Providing a Foundation for District and County Officers

Hands Voting
Election Day

Election Day Operations

Provides information on the rules and regulations governing observers, election-day officials, outside party workers, and post election canvass and recount operations.

Media Relations

Provides county officials with information on both earned media and paid media. The more a candidate and party can provide information, at little to no cost to the organization, the better the candidate's likelihood of success.

News Cameras
Stock Exchange

Campaign Finance

Also referred to as "Treasurer's Training", it is a vital portion of the DCOA Training Program. Treasurers are bound to certain statutory requirements, which can impose civil and criminal liabilities if not followed. This training supplements the NC Board of Elections Treasurer's Training to assist in performing duties easily, accurately, and without undue stress.

Hands Voting

Political Strategy

This training looks deeper into the political process for county parties and campaigns, and provides real-world examples of strategy that can be formulated. It combines parts of other DCOA training seminars, and instills in county officials the ability to think strategically and plan ahead.

Chess Game
Taking Notes

Candidate Recruitment

This training involves the election process of seeking qualified, electable candidates within the voting jurisdiction of the county. Recruitment involves identifying good candidates for the area, which may differ throughout the state. This training looks to assist county officials in identifying ideal candidates, for the time and location involved.


Emphasis is placed upon identifying the appropriate method of fundraising for the time and location involved. This program seeks to assist county officials in the successful raising of funds, and the recognition of "appropriate timing" of fundraising to ensure the required funds are available at the time they are needed. Fundraising training often involves Finance Chairmen at the county and district levels.

Hands Voting
Discuss with coworkers

County & Precinct Organization

This training focuses on the establishment of organizations at both the county and precinct level, where the "rubber hits the road." It focuses on organization, candidate recruitment, GOTV efforts, and finance and fundraising operations. Develops best practices within the organization officials, and develops their ability to work with others, delegate authority, assume responsibility, and recognize methods which are successful and those which are not.

County Countdown

Also referred to as "reverse planning," this process starts on Election Day and works backwards, with one program going back approximately 12 weeks to show what must be done to lead a successful election day operation. This training is detailed and provides real-world information on what needs to be accomplished at the county level. It details how to accomplish set goals, when the planning should begin, how, and who should be involved.

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